Elendor has been divided up into sections oriented around the different peoples who live in Middle Earth. When you first connect and make a character, you can choose which culture you want to start out in. This will be your home base. The culture that you choose has an effect on the type and amount of Role-Playing you will be doing.

Some cultures, such as Gondor or the Elven Realms, tend towards lengthy, flowery writing. Others, such as the Dwarven Kingdom and some of the Human lands like Bree, Dunland, and Beorning, are more rough and active. Still others, notably, the orcish lands, are more oriented towards fighting, and their role-playing reflects this.

You can choose any culture you like - except a few that are restricted to people who have been on Elendor for more than 3 months (Rangers, Mithlond, Trolls, Ents and Eagles) - or several of them, if you want to try out different areas and styles. There is no limit to the number of characters you can create.

Below are links to the various web or wiki pages each culture has set up. Or if you wish to go directly to the wiki, click here: Elendor Wiki