Mithlond is the oldest and largest of all the elven realms. Here are the very streets that Gil-galad walked, and the oldest and wisest of all the Eldar, Cirdan, still dwells here. Mithlond's halls have remained intact and unsullied down through the annals of time. Its peoples still do the tasks given them at the bidding and will of the Valar. Above all, Mithlond is a repository of knowledge; its library unparalelled in all of Middle-earth. It is the task of many to keep the information contained therein current. To do this, they travel widely.

Players in Mithlond are encouraged to keep two characters: a main char who is free to travel most all of Middle Earth, and a secondary, puppet-char, for RP in Mithlond proper.

Mithlond is a restricted culture. You may apply to join it after you have been active in another culture on Elendor for three months.

Mithlond's website is here.