About Us

Eye of Sauron ElendorMUSH is a text-based recreation of Tolkien's Middle-Earth set just before the War of the Ring. Established in 1991, it is the oldest, continuously running Tolkien role-playing game on the internet. Unlike some games where 'role-playing' means guiding a computer-generated character around a screen, or using pre-loaded commands to wave or smile or shout; on Elendor, you can write anything you can imagine your character doing, from two words, to two paragraphs. This is interactive fiction at its best. Take a look through our log pages to see the wide range of styles and lengths people write in; from extremely flowery (generally, but not always, elves) to rather coarse (generally, but not always, orcs).

Elendor is completely free. There are no hidden fees, no special perks for those who pay, no level beyond which you can't progress without registering. In fact, we don't have levels. Your character advances in his or her life and occupation entirely based on the story you write for them. The future is open, limited only by your imagination.