Want to travel around Middle Earth, meet exciting new people, smack them until they start smacking back, and then get REALLY uppity because they done made you mad now? Do you like the idea of shiny things, being fabulously wealthy, and a little subtle magic? Then Ered Luin is for you! Dwarves don't take guff from anyone, and aren't afraid to wade right into a fray. Insults will be met with axes or clenched fists, but they are also intensely loyal, and faithful friends - if inclined to be somewhat stingy.

Ered-Luin is a small outpost of Erebor now that the majority of the dwarves have returned with Thorin to the Lonely Mountain. Located deep in the Blue Mountains north of the Shire, these dwarves are near to the Grey Havens, the Shire, Bree, the Rangers of the north and the men of Dunland. They befriend any one of these people, strike up lucrative deals while on caravan, fight off orcs and wolves with them, and then mock them to their faces as the mood strikes.

The Ered Luin dwarves travel from their home in the west, to the Lonely Mountain in the east, and back again; stopping at all points in between. They rarely go very far south. Both women and men can play any position in the dwarven realm, and while there is no constant enemy to fight, such as Gondor vs Mordor, there are plenty of orcs, trolls, wolves, and wicked men to keep your axe blades sharp.

There are many sources of information about the Ered-Luin dwarves on the internet; one is here.