How to Connect and Get Started

In order to start exploring Elendor, you will need a piece of software called a client. This is an interface for the game. There are several good clients available for free that are simple to use.

If you want to connect immediately, and your computer is telnet-enabled, you can click here and you will be taken to the game's log-in screen. Unfortunately, telnet is no longer enabled on many newer computers. Telnet doesn't give you the best experience, since you can't customize it and it can be slow. However, it is one way to take a look around.

Gandalf returns to Hobbiton

For Windows users, Smial has several Elendor-specific options, and is a good choice to begin with. There are instructions for installing and using it at that link.

For Mac users, Atlantis works well.

For Linux users, we recommend Potato.

There is also a client called MudMaster for iPods, iPhones, and iPads.
(Unfortunately, not free, but quite inexpensive!)

What to expect when you log on.

Once you have connected, you will be taken to a login screen. You can either connect as a Nomad and look around; or you can go ahead and create a character right away. If you choose to create a character, you will be taken through a short walkthrough that will familiarize you with the commands and help you select your character's name, sex, species, etc.

Don't worry if you aren't sure of everything you want at first - all of these can be changed later on. When you have finished this step, you'll be given an opportunity to choose which culture you would like to begin playing in. Information on the various cultures is found here.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. We're generally a friendly bunch, and glad to help out; also we want you to like it here and stick around!
There are several ways to communicate with other players on the game. (There are instructions on how to use the following commands on our wiki, located here.)

  • coms or channels - When you first join the game, either with a new character, or as a Nomad (guest), you are automatically joined to the <Newbie> com. This is where you can ask questions; the other people on this com are experienced players. After you choose a culture, you will leave the <Newbie> com and be set up with the coms that are specific to that culture. All of them work the same. Anyone who is on that com will be able to see what you have written there.
  • +os - This is used to speak with people who are in the same room as you. What you say will be prefaced by <OOC> (out of character). It is used to differentiate what typing is part of the story being written, and what is chatting back and forth between the authors.
  • bboards and +mail - bboards are where information of interest to a group of people is posted. +mail is your private mailbox.
  • Paging - This is a way of privately communicating with another person on the game. No one else will be able to read what you are saying, even if they are in the same room as you; and you can page someone no matter where in Elendor they are. If someone pages you, you will see this message:
    Nob pages: Hello, pleased to meet you!
    From afar, Nob waves.