The Galadhrim feel isolated from the other good peoples of Middle Earth; surrounded by the shadow, and at bay against it. They have withdrawn deep into their woods, protecting the core of their homeland. Few leave the Golden Wood, though some still travel in swift secret to Rivendell. Fewer still speak the common tongue of Middle Earth, using instead their own silvan speech. As Haldir says in The Fellowship of the Ring:

"We live now upon an island amid many perils, and our hands are more often upon the bowstring than upon the harp. The rivers long defended us, but they are a sure guard no more for the Shadow has crept northward all about us. Some speak of departing, yet for that it already seems too late. The mountains to the west are growing evil; to the east the lands are waste, and full of Sauron's creatures; and it is rumoured that we cannot now safely pass southward through Rohan, and the mouths of the Great River are watched by the Enemy. Even if we could come to the shores of the Sea, we should find no longer any shelter there."

There are guards and healers, singers and crafters. Most RP will be internal, though effort is made to interact with other cultures. Elven RP tends to be more poetic and can be somewhat melancholy, as many elves see the world around them being overrun by Shadow, and realize they themselves are fading. Hope can be hard to find. But there is also laughter and joy, and many elves prefer to look only inward, to their own lands and people where no stain is; and ignore the darkness that threatens from without.

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