When Cirion, Steward of Gondor, called for aid, Eorl the Young answered, leading his men through great hardship from the far north. He was given the wide green lands of Calenardhon, once a Gondorian province, in recognition of his aid, and eternal friendship was sworn between old Gondor and the new land of Rohan. The line of the Kings of Rohan stretched from Eorl's time to the War of the Ring and beyond. The Kings sat in the Golden Hall of Meduseld in Edoras, built by Eorl's son Brego.

Rohan is a small culture. RP is focused in and around Edoras for the time being, to keep things centralized. Nearly any profession you can think of is welcomed. Women don't have a recognized place in the military, but nearly all would know how to defend themselves to a greater or lesser extent. Almost any other position is open to them. Regarding shieldmaidens, who would fight in battles as men do, these characters are few and are reserved for players who have built up a character through RP and have a legitimate IC reason for joining them.

And don't forget - lots and lots of horses!

Rohan's website is here.