Where other cultures would have you align your character with 'good' or 'evil', Dunland has the freedom of the whole spectrum. Here you can be the 'baddie', the 'goodie', or the one who walks the line between those sides straying towards good or evil as IC appropriate. You have the power to develop your character. And with Dunland's convenient location between the Old South Road and the Misty Mountains, there are interactions with Isengard, Moria, Rohan, and Bree as well as other strangers passing through.

Dunland's people are divided into clans, and internal politics as clans maneuver for power also create opportunities for some intense RP. It is a harsh, wild land, and it has spawned a rough and sometimes harsh people. Crude, unsophisticated, uncivilized some may say; the Dunlendings are likely to retort that they have no time for sissified pursuits and there is no place in their world for ostentatious elegance.

Both men and women alike learn to defend themselves from an early age, and orcs and other enemies are a constant threat.

Dunland's website is here.