Gondor is the land of Boromir and Faramir; of Prince Imrahil of elven-descent - a land of soldiers and nobility.

If you want to make a character in Gondor, expect a lot of battles and army-oriented RP. Women characters are always in demand, since the majority of players play men.
It will be a little more difficult to involve a woman in some RP, since much of it is centered around the various branches of the army, and women are not permitted to fight, but it isn't impossible. Healers are always needed and can be on the battlefield, and if you are creative, you will find a way.
If being a sailor appeals to you, Gondor also has a navy for protecting its seacoasts from maurading Corsairs.

Most people create a character who is a member of the nobility, and so the role-play style is a little more lofty in tone. This isn't to say you must join the nobility, but the Noble Houses are set up, and joining one gives you a place in a ready-made family, even if many of them are NPCs. There is also room for craftsmen and scholars and bards. Just be aware that creating a character of that type will require you to be more innovative and proactive in including yourself in RP.

Gondor's website is here.