Bree is the melting pot of Middle Earth. Both hobbits and humans reside there, and dwarves, elves and rangers pass through frequently. This is where Barliman Butterbur lives; where Nob the hobbit met the returning Fellowship members with a stout club; where Harry the Gatekeeper, terrified by Nazgul, joined up with Saruman's men.

It is a peaceful, rural place, where the inhabitants are suspicious of outsiders, and not very sophisticated. RP can be somewhat humorous, or as angst-ridden as you like; all with a more down-to-earth tone. Both evil and good characters are found here, and everything in between.

There is no difficulty involving any character you might choose in any RP that comes along - we all mingle together freely. There are no classes or castes, no nobles, and very few battles. The fighting we get is generally bar-brawls or wild boar and wolf hunts. Occasionally, a bandit comes through, allowing for a more vigorous fight. Bree inhabitants don't travel much, although that doesn't mean that you can't. But it is one of the cultures that gets the most contact with other cultures, simply by virtue of its location.

Bree's website is here.