The Kingdom of Arnor has been fallen for a thousand years. After the death of King Arvedui, his son, Aranarth, perceived that the northern DĂșnedain had become too few to reestablish the realm of Arthedain. He took his dwindling people and turned them into nomads who traveled from place to place in Eriador. Instead of calling himself a king or prince, he assumed the title Chieftain. Through them the royal line of Arnor was maintained. Aranarth brought his son Arahael to Rivendell and gave him to Elrond for safekeeping until he was grown. This became a tradition that was followed through the rest of the Third Age. Also brought to Elrond were the heirlooms of the House of Elendil: the Sceptre of AnnĂșminas, the Ring of Barahir, the shards of Narsil, and the Star of Elendil.

Aragorn has not yet revealed himself and claimed his crown. The rangers still wander through Eriador and parts of Rhovanion, hiding their true names, and fighting on the side of Good.

Arnor is a restricted culture. You may apply to be a ranger after you have been active in another culture on Elendor for at least three months.

Arnor's website is here.