This is a land that has sprung up from the former Desolation of Smaug, and now thrives in the wake of the Dragon's demise. The kingdom itself rests between the eaves of Mirkwood and the wastes of Rhun; flanked by the Long Lake to the east and by the Lonely Mountain to the north. Due to the closeness of the great forest of Mirkwood, the men of the Dale-lands (known also as Bardings) share friendship with the Elves that dwell within it, and also the Dwarves of Erebor; the kingdom within the Mountain.

Within the Dale-lands there are Noble Houses all engaged in an intricate balance of political power, and beneath these lie the machinations of the various Guilds that have risen and garnered influence in the land thanks to the increased trade. There is room in the Dale-lands for chracaters at every level of sciety, from the pauper to the nobleman, and each has a part to play in the ongoing prosperity of the realm.

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