Grimbeorn the Old! - Laird and protector of the Anduin Village, where the proud people of Beorning and the Woodmen folk of the old Mirkwood Village have come together to live by the raging Anduin river. Combined, these hardy folk guard the Ford of the Carrock, and are the only safe means of crossing the High Pass across the Misty Mountains where the Great Goblin and his maurauding troops lurk in wait.

Help keep the High Pass clear and open as one of the skilled Guides, escorting well-paying travellers across the Misty Mountains. Brave dark Mirkwood as a forester, helping provide the Laird and his followers with the much-needed resources that may be found beneath the trees. Travel to neighbouring lands and turn a profit as a wily merchant. Or perhaps you're better suited to a less dangerous occupation: building as a carpenter, baking the renowned and coveted honeycakes for which the Beornings are famous, or putting in a hard day's work as farmer or fisherman?

When you think of Beorning, think of a land of woodsmen and guides, fishers and beekeepers. Neither as rough as the men of Dunland, nor as sophisticated as those of Gondor, these are a strong and pleasant folk, whose wrath is mostly reserved for orcs .... and hunters. Shoot the game in these forests at your peril.

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