Descent to Rivendell

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How do you recreate something as epic as The Lord of the Rings? By purchasing a sword and making a cloak? By wearing a circlet of silver and eating your meals by candlelight?
By secretly wearing a heavy gold ring under your shirt?
How about by creating your own character in a world as vivid as the books?

Join us as we explore Tolkien's world through fast-moving, interactive writing. Sharpen your skills, overcome writers' block, and improve the depth and realism of your characterization and world-imaging while interacting in real-time with other writers.

Find out more, or join us now and step into the most realistic recreation of Middle-Earth on the internet today.
IC News
  • Gondor:Kidnappee Returned!

    Beyond hope, beyond expectation, Farielle Girithlin, now Farielle anAlkhaszor has been returned to her family in Gondor. The Girithlins rejoice!
  • Ered-Luin:Rest and Recuperation in a Hidden Valley

    Attacked by wargs on their journey from Erebor to Gundabad, the party of dwarves, elves and rangers, won out - but at a great cost. They found a small, sheltered valley, and are resting from their wounds... but someone has discovered a great stone door of what appears to be ancient dwarven workmanship...
OOC News
  • Hobbits wanted for Badger Hunt! Page Thasto or Nob.
  • Orcs needed to defend Gundabad from the dwarves. Page Bulburz.
  • Dale is booming! Join the fun today!